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The Beauty Show Magazine

The Beauty Show Magazine features EESystem
This article originally appeared in The Beauty Show.  Click HERE to visit their website.

This article originally appeared in The Beauty Show.

Click HERE to visit their website.

The Beauty Show Magazine II

New Therapy Making Waves By Kimberly Justice

Whether it is the atoms that make up our body or the air that surrounds us, scalar energy has existed since the beginning of time in the vacuums of empty space.

First proposed by mathematician James Clerk Maxwell, demonstrated decades later by Nicola Tesla, and practically applied by Albert Einstein, scalar waves are now proving themselves to be an exciting new trend in the arena of alternative healing.

All life is made up of unseen energy. The normal cell pumps 70-90 milivolts
of energy at optimum health. As a person grows older, acquires disease, or experiences stress, the voltage of the cell decreases. This decrease in energy
has significant effects on the body, most significantly is the decreased ability
of the body to recuperate. This is where the application of scalar energy
comes in.

Scalar energy, as opposed to other forms of energy (such as electrical or light), tends to fill its environment acting as a field as opposed to a simple wavelength. It is able to pass through solid objects, such as human cells, with no loss of intensity. It acts as a charger, boosting the voltage of the cell, making the cell wall more permeable, and facilitating greater intake of nutrients and elimination of waste. In other words, every single cell detoxifies. While Einstein was the first to practically apply the use of scalar energy scientifically, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael has taken this to a different level.

Her EESystem (EES) is a breakthrough technology, consisting of computer monitors aligned in a configuration that produces a field of scalar waves. Applied on a holistic level, in an effort to bring about healing of the mind, body, and spirit, those entering the EES environment are encouraged to enter a meditative state for maximum benefits.

Dr. Michael encourages clients to “think good thoughts,” and “give their eyes permission to see clearly.” Upon completion of a session, many have reported increased mental focus, decreased stress, and improved over all health. The use of scalar energy does not stop here.

Health professionals are now looking at the effects that scalar energy could have on major diseases. Dr. Michael is in the process of conducting a study, along with the Mayo Clinic, on the effects of scalar energy in diabetic patients. Others have proposed the benefits that scalar energy might have on cancer patients by boosting their low energy cells in an effort to restore the optimum charge and encourage the body to heal.

These studies could prove to have profound effects on the way that disease is treated, and with more and more people turning to alternative treatments, scalar energy could soon be the new standard wave of healing.

This article originally appeared in The Beauty Show.                  Click HERE to visit their website.

This article originally appeared in The Beauty Show .

Click HERE to visit their website.

Pulse on America

“Pulse on America” to feature EESystem: Bioactive fields detoxify with scalar waves

January 3, 2006, Deerfield Beach, FL –New Line Media Solutions is pleased to announce the selection of Energy Enhancement System for its educational television series, Pulse on America. The company will be featured in a segment on “Health & Fitness in America” as part of the Healthy Living Series, to be aired nationally on the Discovery Channel and locally on CNN Headline News.
Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, DNM, of Hawaii, holistic health authority for 30 years and the internationally-known founder of a new and innovative alternative healing method bioscalar Energy Enhancement System Technology. Dr. Michael is Ambassador of Health for World Organization of Natural Medicine, Diplomat of the Chancellery for Traditional Medicine, and Chair of the Commission on Academic Standards in the Healing Arts, to name a few.

The Energy Enhancement Technology (Patent Pending) is customized computer technology generating extraordinarily bioactive life-enhancing fields including scalar energy. Scalar fields can allow cell regeneration, augment immune function, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate mood, assist in balancing right and left hemispheres of the brain and increase energy levels. As the body cells age, they decrease in voltage, causing decreased ability to recuperate. Scalar energy recharges the cells. All this is backed by ongoing quantifiable research and evidenced based studies.

The company also enhances products for Healing America Supplement Company. Scalar-enhanced products are the best energy-based supplements currently on the market, according to many experts.

Dr. Michael, was featured on nationwide television in China where they plan to use her technology in clinics, and for the Olympics because of its ability to enhance performance and speed recovery from injury or stress. Energy Enhancement System™ Technology has already been presented at numerous national and international medical and scientific health conferences including the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine and the Radiation Oncology Committee Meeting.

Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega, M.D., Johns Hopkins research physician and professor of oncology, has testified before Congress and on this technology. He has been joined by other researchers in documenting the uses of EES: elimination of all detrimental fields, detoxification, deep relaxation, extraordinarily rapid post-surgical healing, vision improvement including retinal reattachment and eyesight restored, relief from depression and pain, even in cases of metastasized cancers, significantly increased energy and mental clarity with many other instances of enhanced health and well being.

Health professionals, a Mayo Clinic Doctor and Ministries of Health worldwide are looking into the effects that scalar energy can have on patients living with illness or major diseases. Many others have proposed the benefits that scalar energy might have on cancer patients by boosting their low energy cells in an effort to restore the optimum charge and encourage the body to heal. These studies could prove to have a profound effect on the way disease is treated and with increasing numbers of Baby Boomers turning to alternative medicine, scalar energy and EES could soon be the new standard of healing. Okinawa, world famous for “longevity” will be the upcoming EES headquarters.

Adding Star Power to Dr. Michael’s presentation are Actor Carey Hiroyuki Tagawa (Memoirs of a Geisha) and the lovely Linda Gray of the Dallas TV series fame – to share their personal experiences with the Energy Enhancement Technology.

For more information, visit


International Press

International Press

Korean Newspaper Article (Excerpt): ” Scalar Wave is the World’s New Wave. ‘ Scalar Wave Therapy ‘ attracts worldwide attention due to its amazing healing effectiveness. The relationship between the electromagnetic field and the health has been studied and proved its effectiveness by many researchers. Professor Burr, an eminent surgeon at Yale, claimed that by measuring this field it is possible to diagnose cancer 6 months before it shows in the physical body. Dr. William Tiller, at Stanford University, has said that medicine today has proceeded to recognize that energy field “.

EESystem Helps Body Function

EESystem helps body function at optimal levelsBy Linda Greenslade

The Founder of the Energy Enhancement System (EESystem), Dr. Sandra Rose Michael says “We live in an age where we are constantly being bombarded with negative frequencies, unclean air, as well as nutritionally compromised food and tainted water that is no where near as pure as it should be. Our bodies are in great need of support. The EESystem is that support”.

The EESystem is designed to create an environment in which the mind and the body can function at their normal, optimum level. This promotes health and well being.

The EESystem consists of four to twelve computers that can be installed in any room, be it a conference room, an office, a treatment room or a bedroom. Installation is within a month worldwide. Maintenance is readily available although the EESystem is easy to look after.

By cancelling out linear electromagnetic waves, a unique space of zero point energy is created in the room. Rather than being a vacuum in which no energy exists, the space is filled with non-linear scalar waves. A multiple bioactive energy field is created that also includes the natural frequency of the earth and that found in virgin rainforests.

Looking similar to the double helix of the DNA chain, scalar waves occur naturally throughout all space. Their energy is constant, remaining over time. They are self-repairing and can pass through solid objects.

Being in an EESystem room has an immediate effect on every cell in the body. Every day, electromagnetic pollution interferes with our normal body frequency. This compromises our health. The cells of the body vibrate at their optimum frequency under the influence of scalar waves. The cell walls become more permeable. Nutrients are absorbed more readily. Toxins are quickly released from the tissues into the blood stream that is itself made more fluid and so able to carry the toxins away more effectively. Cells regenerate faster.

People who have experienced the EESystem for as little as thirty minutes have reported feeling remarkably better, physically, mentally and spiritually. Clinical trials have shown the EESystem acts as an antidepressant, improves immune function, and stimulates activity in the brain. Clinical observation shows improvement in many conditions including diabetes, kidney stones, arthritis and post-operative healing. Pain control and vision have also improved. Psychological studies report increased levels of happiness, relaxation, positive outlook, calmness and peace.

If we supply our body with the energy it needs will we be able to thrive.

EESystem Discussed in Book

EESystem discussed in Book

The best-selling book Wake Up . . . Live the Life You Love: On the Enlightened Path compiled by Steven E. and Lee Beard, with an introduction by Pamela Harper, discusses Sandra and the EESystem.

More about this title: “With divine purpose, the co-authors in this exceptional anthology embark upon “an Enlightened Path” to turn the tide and direct the course of humanity. It is imperative at this point in our collective evolution that this dedicated and evolved group . . . share words and wisdom to evoke an even greater force for postiive change.” Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements ), Dr. Wayne Dyer, Sarah Cloe Burns, and other join Pamela Harper and 30 others in a unique look at spirituality in America – and beyond.

This title is available through Barnes & Noble online. Click HERE for more information or to order.

This title is available through Barnes & Noble online. Click HERE for more information or to order.

Scalar Waves @ Energy Fields

Scalar Waves & Energy Fields

Lessons from the Miracle Doctors: A Step-by-Step Guide to Optimum Health and Relief from Catastrophic Illness by Jon Barron is one of the most critically acclaimed books on alternative health ever written.

Chapter 17 Scalar Waves (page 149) discusses in easy to understand language human health, energy, and the science of Scalar Waves. He says “Scalar Energy is merely another application of healing energy. It is the application of science as nature intended.”

Download this fascinating educational Ebook for FREE, just Click HERE.              Ebook is in PDF format. 177 pages.             Click HERE to visit Jon Barron's website, home of the Baseline Health Foundation.

Download this fascinating educational Ebook for FREE, just Click HERE.

Ebook is in PDF format. 177 pages.

Click HERE to visit Jon Barron’s website, home of the Baseline Health Foundation.

Catching the Wave

Catching the WaveBy Anna Christensen, MA

That glow of vitality that radiates from us when we are experiencing optimal health and wellbeing is a direct expression of the life force.

We are surrounded by a field of energy that gives us life and penetrates into every cell in our body. The human body produces its own energy field through the motions of electrical charges in the heart and brain. Everything from cell formation and division to the functions and interactions of our organ systems are dependent on these vibrational frequencies. Each cell, in order to repair and regenerate itself vibrates within a range of 70-90 millivolts. An inability to sustain itself at this level manifests as stress, illness or symptoms of accelerated aging.

One of the most exciting technologies currently emerging in the field of alternative medicine is grounded in these basic facts of life. Dr Sandra Rose Michael, an internationally recognised innovator, has developed the Energy Enhancement System (EES) that utilises the unique energy field produced by scalar waves to regenerate the physical body.

Scalar waves are quite different from other electromagnetic energy. Being fifth dimensional and non-linear they are not restricted by time and space, which makes them unconditioned and uncontaminated. Scalar energy is the life force as pure potentiality.

The EESystem uses computer programs that generate scalar waves. Anyone within the energy field that is created can benefit from their extraordinary healing properties. Every cell in the body is encouraged to detox, repair and regenerate.

The first time I experienced a scalar wave I laughed with delight. I felt like I was truly holding “infinity in the palm of my hand” to quote William Blake.

My EESystem sessions are quite diverse. One session may zero in on my heart chakra, releasing old energy patterns and blockages. Another session may focus on my right knee that has been extremely painful due to a recent injury. In other sessions stress and anxiety are exchanged for a mental clarity and I’m able to concentrate on tasks for long periods. I may emerge feeling as I’ve been in a deep mediation for hours. I feel grounded and secure in a deeply spiritual way. Sometimes I don’t notice anything at all, but in the days following the session I notice an unusual degree of flow with the people and events in my life, along with a greater amount of happiness, as if the lights in my cells were switched on.

Catch the wave for yourself and be carried into an enhanced way of being.

- Anna Christensen, MA

Honored by MontSegur Fondation

Sandra honored by MontSegur Foundation

On January 3, 2005, Sandra Rose Michael
was honored with an award from the
MontSegur Foundation

“On behalf of the Foundation of MontSegur, we deeply honor Dr. Sandra Rose Michael this evening for her outstanding contribution to the field’s of health and energy medicine, and for her outstanding wisdom and commitment to carrying her deep esoteric knowledge and sharing it with the world for decades. Sandra has been a pillar of strength over the years for so many of us, in so many ways, unfaltering. She truly is the only health professional I know that never gets sick, can stay up three nights in a row and speak at a convention the following day. She truly IS an energy queen.

Sandra’s commitment and consistency in the sharing of her innumerable gifts, including her renowned HHFe technology, has created thousands of bridges to others of like mind across the planet for years now.

Sandra, the Foundation of MontSegur could not have been born without the important roles you have played in it. From your wisdom and guidance to your savvy networking, you have been such a tremendous key in bringing together so many of the core members and talent pool that have stepped up to give it flight. Thank you. Thank you for your dedication to creating a more health conscious and ecstatic world for everyone and I want to personally thank you for being one of the greatest friends and teachers I have ever known.

On behalf of the Foundation of MontSegur, I thank you for your previous acceptance as an honorary founding partner and present you this evening with this award of deep appreciation and gratitude. Thank You.”

—Tamara Keller, Visionary and Co-Founder of the Foundation of MontSegur

The Foundation of MontSegur is an international organization leading and uniting the consciousness movement in disseminating information and knowledge through the vehicles of education, media, products, and services inspiring and creating unified leadership in action, heralding a quantum shift and expansion of life quality deeply felt and celebrated on a vast global scale.

For more information on:
The Foundation of MontSegur:
70-225 Highway 111, Suite C 303
Rancho Mirage, California, USA 92270

Phone/Fax: 800-320-3905

Exciting Breakthrough

Exciting Breakthrough Research Reported by 4 Unit EESystem Owner, Linda Paulhus

The following was the initial email about the October research from a blood clinic done in Massachusetts with a hematologist who has 30 yrs experience. A research project is currently in progress in Oregon and it looks like a grant for EESystem research with the NIH is to be submitted by Dr Victor Marcial Vega, who has just completed his book, plus we are looking forward to having research done at Harvard Medical School with Dr. Anup Kanodia.

We are also scheduled to do clinical studies in May with the new University for Humanity with Sir Dr. Kevin King in Nassau in the Bahamas which will then be presented at the next World Organization of Natural Medicine Congress May 30- June 1, 2006, which you are all invited to attend.

In the meantime… there are a number of people in remission now w/ ALS… and Carole Bergeron, the Hematologist, has already been quoted as saying, “There has been a 100% improvement in the blood in 100% of the cases that I have looked at.” This latest research is w/ an FDA approved test which has never had a single recorded case of improved numbers …100% of people’s numbers showed documented improvement after 1 hour in the scalar EESystem!!! This can also help explain the consistently profound results seen w/ diabetes as well. Am looking forward to personally reviewing the full documentation!

Linda wrote: “I believe that we have finally resolved the cause and treatment of MND disease. The solution came this weekend ironically from the use of an F.D.A. approved test that was used with patients. This test shows the normal ratio of water absorption both externally and internally in the cells. The cells contain fats which absorb nutrients in order to circulate them through the blood. Around the cells are receptors. They are prong shaped and also the pathways for nutrients to enter. Once the numbers deteriorate from the norm, this standardized test has historically shown that cells cannot improve [with treatments or products]. This is because the pathways are blocked with plaque [flour and protein]. Due to malabsorption and lack of fluid absorption, the cells start deteriorating and taking on an irregular shape [as well as “clumping”]. Oxygen levels in the body are then reduced. As mentioned in my original paper, “A” Are “L” Loved ones S “Starving to death—due to carbohydrate addiction? I believe this is the primary cause of muscle wasting and glucose irregularity with other diseases as well. Although proof exists that these numbers cannot be changed, we now know they can be changed. Through dietary changes [elimination of flour and other medium chain carbs] as well as scalar treatments, the numbers improve within an hour. We are now seeing changes that may have not been possible. It appears the scalar is breaking down the plaque and opening up the pathways so that fluids and nutrients can be absorbed.”

In another email, she wrote:
“re: some health concerns. The products are not purchased from me and are the result of 60 years of clinical research [detoxification]. They have worked again and again with thousands of people with medical issues. (referring to the Essiac formula)

The second reason I am contacting you is because I can tell you we have had a major breakthrough with motor neuron disease. A nurse/hematologist [for 30 years] who blood tests patients has all of the findings stored on software to prove this.

We have found a lifetime of plaque in the liver impairs the absorption of nutrients and fluids in the cells. Plaque is looked at with other brain disorders, cardiovascular, etc. For the plaque to reach it’s destination, it must pass through the liver. When fully involved, liver function is minimized. No longer can one absorb nutrients and fluids or eliminate waste—henceforth, causing disease.

We used an FDA test that measures the fluids entering the cells against normal percentages. This test, regardless of products used, has never improved. We used new technology [clinically tested] that has improved the numbers in 100% of the individuals tested. What this means is, muscle wasting and brain deficits can improve with better aborption and elimination of waste.

My best to you,

Linda Paulhus

Treatments Helping

Treatments Helping Published in Fort Frances Times , July 19, 2006

This is a letter to the editor from the kind lady who no longer uses her
walking cane after a few sessions at the Brockie Wellness Center.

Mr. Editor:

I would like a small space in your paper to say how Craig Brockie’s Wellness Center helped me.

Last November, I got a real bad backache. I took pain pills, as well as had four chiropractic treatments, but they all didn’t help. It got so I couldn’t sit even. I only could sleep if I rubbed it with deep heat liniment, but my back still ached.

In May, I saw Brockie’s ad so I said try it—I couldn’t be any sorer. I started on May 6. After two hours, I felt good, so I decided to try for more. I went once a week. After five treatments, the pain had stopped and now I’m feeling fine.

After each session [in an EESystem] I feel relaxed, so I’m to keep going when I feel I need it.

Vera Croswell
Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada

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