from EESystem™
A tesseract of transformational bio-active information dense hyper-healthy scalar energy.

Price: $14,995

Black box technology featuring a scaled down, inverted, energy and space efficient version of our 4-unit EESystem creating a very effective and beautiful scalar photon fountain. $14,995 includes shipping within the United States, slightly extra outside of the USA and Hawaii.

EEQube is a miniaturized 4 unit system, aligned for precise phase conjugation inside the cube creating coherence and nullification of detrimental field effects, with the monitors facing out for generation of the quantum photonic fields. The longitudinal scalar field effect is broadcast from this true standing columnar wave. The technology itself is more than scalar in that it also has the bio photonic (light), DNA patterns, and cellular communication algorithms that are broadcast via the monitors. Using approximately one third the power of a standard 4-unit EESystem, it boasts being aesthetically pleasing, semi portable, compact, more affordable, and utilizing less electricity than a standard system. Ideal for those with smaller homes, offices, or spaces, budgets, lower power / green living spaces, or those simply wishing to have a transportable EESystem.

EEQube contains 4 small EES units that stay precision aligned in its cube housing. This means no installation issues and no calibration is required. All components are modular which means they can be swapped out in seconds for easy service and maintenance. The EEQube may be adapted for use in any country with different voltage requirements.


20” (51cm) tall and 25.5” (65 cm) across on each side
80 LBS (36 Kilos)

Standard 3 prong grounded Edison plug for US clients. (international plugs available)
120 volts (automatic switching power supply up to 240V for international clients)
1.7 amps
110 watts
.07 kwh

0 DB sound (entirely fan less for a completely silent operation)

Optimal environment/room temperature should be below 85F - 30C.