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Here are some frequently asked questions to get you started;

All Inclusive Pricing- 
These prices include shipping, laser alignment kit, and installation within the United States. Additional charges to other countries will vary depending on location, shipping costs, and number of units.

4 unit- $26,000
8 unit- $44,000
12 unit- $62,000 
16 unit- $80,000
24 unit- $114,000

We now also have our smaller home model, the New EEQube- $12,995 + shipping per 2x2x2’ unit.

Or if you are not quite ready to have your own EESystem for your home or business, you may wish to at least Grid Your Bed with the EEMedallions or get your own Bioscalar HyperCharged Far-Infra-Red Sauna.

The majority of our EESystems are in private homes around the bed, however, for a list of our publicly available locations please visit:

Many of you have not yet experienced an EESystem and are curious as to what it would look like. Each EESystem is custom built and installed per location. Here is a clip to give you some ideas of how they can be incorporated into your space:

  • EESystem can make no claims to treat, cure, prevent, mitigate, or diagnose any illness. All our research has been done by independent third parties and there have been no contraindications (ie: pacemakers, pregnancy, transplants), and no adverse effects, fields, or interactions have ever been observed in use or research since 1996, as this elegant True BioScalar Technology creates healthy bioactive energetic environments and products.*

Please feel free to call our Las Vegas office at (702) 527-6448 or email us at for more information or assistance.


~Infinite Waves of Aloha Healing Energy Around the World~